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Unlock the power of your people… easy!

Each day that goes by in our ‘new normal’ gives us experience and opportunity.


Our own unique experience.


An opportunity to learn, to grow to help ourselves and others. To support a ‘together we are stronger’ approach to life.


Every single human is experiencing its own version of reality.


Everyone’s emotions, story, circumstance will be different depending on their personal situation, their experience, the support network, the people or lack of people around them. We all must be sensitive to what we are each experiencing. We also have a duty of care to help where we can.


As a leader or business owner the responsibility you have for people may be intense right now. Knowing what to do, how to do it in a remote working set up, who is doing what, thinking about your people whilst also thinking about your own personal wellbeing and responsibilities. Responding to real time challenges whilst planning for post COVID-19.


Nothing is easy.


Knowing who is there and skilled to help needs to be just as much of a priority as understanding precisely what the current situation is that needs to be addressed.


Unlocking the power of your people right now is fundamental.


It’s also relatively easy if you apply some simple basics that in time of crisis we can easily forget.


Look back to previous articles I have written for some inspiration:


Perhaps apply something practical right now such as:

1.          Be you, be open, transparent and show vulnerability. Be brave and human, we are in this together regardless of our role or hierarchy. The more you can show up as a human being, get to know your humans, you will naturally create a supportive unit, a tribe. Be you, be brave be human, simple keys to unlocking the power of your people.

2.        Take time to get to know, celebrate and share the greatness and uniqueness you have in your people, the diversity of thought, emotions, embrace them, be considered and learn from each other.

3.        Be clear, be intentional with what needs to happen and why, match your words and your actions, say what you will do and do as you say, glean real time feedback and move together each day adjusting to the change curve you are all experiencing but that we are all navigating together as we learn more about our new normal each day.

4.       Empower your people to lead with their strengths, problem solve, allocate challenges to your people to solve, give them permission to innovate, enable them to be creative with ideas, allocate people whose current role may not be as necessary due to current circumstance to a new area that they may not even know about, yet, but are willing to learn, buddy people up to support and learn together.

5.        Encourage curiosity, it’s a powerful tool, What, Why, Who, Where, When, how? Questioning what the new normal means to our current business and what we need to do to maintain, sustain, perform is prudent. Being smart with allocating your resources into powerful SLAM (self-organizing, lean, autonomous and multidisciplinary) type teams could be an opportunity to get answers and solutions to problems at pace.


There is immense power in the people around you, however, you must understand where they are personally to be able to unlock productive power.


Everyone will be experiencing different things right now, so long as you maintain open, transparent connections and listen to each other’s needs this could be a phenomenal opportunity to strengthen the human power in your business and positively impact your culture.


If you need some help to explore your culture, to understand what the possibilities are for improving it and ultimately improving your performance, let’s have a virtual cuppa to see how I can help you unlock the power of your people.



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