|  The power of people. Connecting hearts and minds, one of my favourites!

Have you ever taken a moment to think about what unique brilliance you are surrounded by every day?

On the train to work, picking up your skinny chai latte with extra foam (or is that just me?), in the lift, at your desk, in your actual building?


If not, you are missing your biggest growth hack!

Over the last 24yrs I have had this thought often. 

Perhaps fuelled by the ‘tools of the trade’. People. HR. Talent, People and Development. Regardless, of my privileged career, I have always been intrigued, not nosy, but curious about people and getting to know who they really are. 

I spent lots of time with my grandparents growing up. My Nan was always curious. Asking lots of questions and fascinated by people all around her. She would chat to anyone. One of the warmest, friendliest people you could ever meet. At the end of our annual week away she would know everyone, and everyone knew her, she was full of their intel. All I ever heard was people chatting to her, wishing her well, engaged, happy in her presence, laughing and having fun.

For my Nan that was life’s rich tapestry. People. Getting to know people. What was in their hearts as well as what was on their mind. Her philosophy in life was the more you chat, get to know people, the more you can connect, share, grow, build knowledge and the more fun you can have. The power of people.

From a business perspective imagine what could be possible if you really understood every unique human. Their backgrounds, experiences, strengths, what really makes them thrive. If you understood, listened, recognised the diversity that is in your business today and channelled it. Focused that power on your possibilities. Imagine what could be possible. It’s in your hands.

Understanding people is your superpower. Understanding who you have, your human assets, is your most powerful resource. Being curious to understand who they really are. What is behind the mask, the façade, the employee number and ID badge?

It is through getting to the hearts and minds of your people and engaging them wholeheartedly that anything is possible. You unlock the power of your people by understanding them and vice versa. If we took time to understand that, imagine what business growth could look like?

A few things to think about when you are looking to unlock the power of your people and channelling the hearts and minds around you.

1)    Be you – we are all human. We all have personal lives. A back story of where we have come from to get to this point. We all have natural talents and styles and reasons why we show up the way we do. That’s what makes us so unique. As a leader, manager, colleague, being interested in those around you, helps you understand the magic ingredients you have. The opportunity to understand and then focus these strengths, styles, experiences on specific work, could untap huge potential.

2)    Be brave – Sharing challenges, showing vulnerability, being you, sharing your ambition, hopes and dreams, vision, helps human connection.  If you feel uncomfortable about a certain situation or business challenge, no doubt others feel the same. Having the courage to put difficult topics on the table helps others connect with you on a human level. Heart and mind connection help others to do the same. Most times collectively mobilising into solutions.

3)    Take time – When you really know your people and the power that you have, you can take time to explore and understand business challenges in a more targeted way. Creating SWAT teams for specific challenges. This targeted problem, skills, solution approach offers you the opportunity to have a diverse group of people from around the business parachuted in, focused, unlocking their specific skills and experience on solutions at pace.

4)    Celebrate and share – the more people ‘know’ who people are in a business, not just for their technical skill but their entire colourful human offering, the more connected people feel. Celebrating the wondrous vibrant opportunity of the humans around you, further fuels creativity and brain power. Encourages more hidden talent to expose itself. This energy helps innovation.

5)    Encourage uniqueness – It’s in your hands. Have you noticed how vibrant LinkedIn has become over the years? Having the opportunity to spend a bit more time in this community you realise how people’s comments and kindness, getting to know their fellow humans builds community, spirit and bravery for people to be themselves more.   There is so much hidden people potential in businesses today, taking a moment to encourage that power to show itself is a must – plus it’s fun!

If you need some help to get you started in connecting hearts and minds, let’s have a virtual cuppa to see how I can help you unlock the power of your people.


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