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Make your vision a reality, simple!

You’ve had a burning desire for years to create something special. A legacy. The fire in your belly is there. You feel like you are on the wave of something exceptional, exciting, vibrant, limitless. You have a vision of what ‘could’ be and you want everyone on the journey with you!


Your vision, your north star, to be theirs.


A constant that will keep you and those that you want to believe the same, energised and motivated to thrive. A vision to keep people on track to the bright and shiny place.


You’ve shared the vision with those closest to you, listened to their feedback, tweaked your thoughts. The longer time goes on, the more convinced you are that this is it. The vision is clear, you are ready to follow the path.


The weeks, months even years crafting the words, the ‘vision statement’, your vision board, a selection of pictures, you even know what will appear in the video to bring it to life. Everything is ready to inspire, you, your team, your business.


It makes you feel like anything is possible. You want everyone to feel the same. You want others to see the possibilities. To be inspired by your vision.


Lights, camera action!

There’s just one hitch.

It’s your vision.


It may feel like you have spent disproportionate amounts of time on it from thought through to a statement and now it’s time to get going, the reality is, you have only just started.


Turning the vision into reality is the next step. Engaging others in your vision. Helping people see, feel and hear the words on a wall on their own terms is the key. Encouraging people to feel the fire in their belly, to get them excited to have everyone as passionate as you are. That’s when you know the party will get started.


These simple tips can help to engage, excite and invite those around you to feel as excited as you do about your, ‘the’ vision, where they feel and believe it is ‘their’ vision too.

  1. Engage early on – people like to be involved. Not just those that are close to you. Everyone. We all love sharing our views, perspectives, experience. Feeling that we are ‘part’ of something and our thoughts matter. Sharing your vision early on not only expands the thoughts and provides further diversity but also starts to get people on the same page. They get to hear what is behind your thoughts and can process this before committing.
  2. Seek to understand – Once people start to understand your thoughts, you can explore what could potentially stand in the way of reaching the bright and shiny place. What are the barriers? What’s on peoples’ minds? What will stand in the way? What are the reservations, fears? Through exploring these, hearing what’s on peoples’ minds, people start to engage with what needs to be addressed to make the vision a reality. Invite people to work together to eradicate the barriers.
  3. Behaviour breeds behaviour – Getting people excited, making commitments to work on the challenges, to solve and live the vision, is simple and impactful, now its time to walk the talk. Use your actions and language to reinforce the expected ways of working by doing it yourself and encouraging others to do the same. It’s human nature to emulate the behaviours of those around us. Senses are heightened by what people see and hear around them, the actions you take, the words you use, will have an impact. Be conscious about how and what you ‘do’ that connects to what you ‘aspire’ to ‘be’ in the new reality. Live it now.
  4. Be consistent – the more habitual you can be with words, actions, engagement, communications, the more the behaviours match the vision and can be seen and felt, the better. The new reality becomes real, quickly. Through being consistent, the vision gets sticky.
  5. Celebrate – acknowledge the people, wins that align to the vision, behaviours that demonstrate and support the vision. Showcase the great examples, everyday, not just annually or at the date on the vision! Consistently connecting back to the words and intent of the vision. Celebrating outcomes along the path to the north star encourages engagement, momentum, positive energy. It reinforces what you want to see more of and what will help get to your destination. Celebrating the great people that are making the vision become the new reality, not just yours but theirs is powerful and unlocks the potential!


These five simple steps help to make your vision a reality, simple.


If you need some help to get you started, let’s have a virtual cuppa to see how I can help you unlock the power of your people and make your vision a reality.


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