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Future growth, fit for future, it’s in your hands…

You want to grow your business.


You want to perform, at your best, especially in turbulent times.


It’s all in your hands with the right people and plan.


‘Mighty oaks from little acorns grow’ a saying said to mean that something large and successful began in a small and insignificant way but grow it does.


Setting yourself up with the right conditions to perform well is fundamental.


To enable your business to grow at the pace you want it to and ensure it is fit for the future requires attention, especially now.


You need to make sure you have a clear plan of what and how you are going to make that vision a reality and if you don’t have this already there is no better time than right now.


Get clear on your purpose, where you are going to focus and what needs to be true to make it happen.


Future growth and the ability to ensure your business is fit for the future is in your hands and is integral to your business planning. Yes there are a number of current real time unknowns but there are also a lot of facts that you can consider right now and scenario planning that can be done.


The vision is clear. The action plan now needs to defined and where possible, activated.


Whether your focus is on sustainability, given the current climate or growth, on financial, markets, customer, people or products, having a clear plan of attack is fundamental and something that should be fuelled and nourished in real time.


Here are some top tips to consider around managing performance to support your plans and make it your reality.


1.          Set clear business goals – Goals that are clear from a leadership perspective but that clearly cascade through to every single person that works for you. Every role and task need to connect to the business goal. There is no room for grey. It may sound basic, it is, but ensuring everyone is clear and aligned to the purpose is a critical mechanic to grow and is often missed.

2.        Ensure effective processes – Optimal performance relies on having clear ways of working that support and enable performance. Clear processes, inputs, outputs, roles and responsibilities, timelines, these may sound like details, they are, but ensuring that your core processes are elevating performance, not hindering it, is important. Clear ownership and accountability for decision making, timings for tasks to be completed and pushed to the next processes and standardised ways to measure success ensures your investment in resources is optimised and that your processes are efficient and effective, enabling focus on delivering and growth.

3.        Provide role and task alignment – each year your goals will evolve. Being clear on what they are and then being clear as to what roles need to do what is fundamental. Taking a moment to ensure that you have the right roles focused and delivering the right output is key. This does not have to be an onerous task. Be clear on the top 5 things each role must deliver and what are the metrics assigned to ensure you are able to assess delivery? This is a win win for the individual in the role and the business. Everyone is clear and can win.

4.       Enable critical capability investment – Ensuring your talent attraction and acquisition enables you to hire the right people (cultural fit as well as technical know-how) is the first step but then making sure that you understand your talent and how best to apply it to your growth ambition is fundamental. Making the most of current assets is critical. Know who they are and how to apply them best, but also where your strengths are and how you can elevate them to grow further. Growing your talent, their ambition, developing great people is an investment in them and your business as you grow stronger together.

5.        Apply consistent metrics and measures – ‘what gets measured gets done’. Making sure you are clear up front on the growth goal, how these will be measured, when and how you will communicate around progress is important. Being transparent with team members so that they can understand where they fit and how they can contribute fuels focus. Managing real time expectations enables the ability to pivot and adjust performance as necessary and encourages an ownership mentality. When metrics and measurement are just part of the norm it encourages interest and care, we are in this together, we all have a role to play in driving performance and we can measure our growth.


Being clear on performance expectations, ensuring you have the right people in the right role with the right skills and providing clear methods for tracking progress enables self-regulation around tracking personal and team achievements.


People understand what and how they will be supported which reinforces a culture of trust. Mutual trust enables people to give more, perform at their best, people feel valued and part of, fitting into your future. It’s a win, win.


If you need some help to explore how your business can perform better with the current resources and within the current climate and what the possibilities are for improving it, let’s have a virtual cuppa to see how I can help you unlock the power of your people.



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