Tina’s Story


I’m Tina Jennings.

I help leaders like you unlock the hidden ‘human’ power within your organisation.

I focus on your cost, efficiency, performance and culture.

I help you:

  • Identify costs and options to improve your business performance
  • Fix operational challenges that currently seem impossible to solve
  • Get clear on what resources you have and how to maximise your business growth
  • Understand how you can improve efficiency and performance of your people
  • Make your vision a reality with a robust, powerful, engaging people plan
  • Make a chaotic environment or change workstream simpler and more impactful

What makes me stand out is that I have an innate ability to make the complex simple, at pace. I understand the current climate and quickly identify what needs to be done to move a situation forward.

I am a culture transformation specialist, problem fixer, chaos clearer, pathfinder and a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development.

Over the last 24 years, I have had the privilege to partner cross-functional leaders around the world through dynamic change environments. I have worked with both small 100 employee organisations all the way up to large corporate businesses, in senior HR Director roles, in industries including:

  • Technology
  • Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)
  • R&D
  • Beauty
  • Retail
  • Financial technology (Fintech)

This means I have a whole kit bag of experience and tools to share with you to help you move your people, possibilities and business forward.

I can help you with:

Post-acquisition integration or prepping a business for sale

Right-sizing for cost savings

Business process re-engineering & re-structuring for improved performance

Cultural transformation, creating an environment for people to thrive


My Human Resource background enables you to benefit from a wealth of experience with a whole host of HR interventions.

My personal values are being true to yourself, being brave and being human.

Staying true to these core values means I lead with a hearts and minds approach and am always open to possibilities.

I genuinely believe that anything is possible, with the right people and the right plan.

People are the heartbeat of every company; they can make or break it. If we get clear on our purpose, have a clear plan that our people can understand and believe in, they can place themselves in the journey. They embrace it. When people feel good in their environment, it makes them feel they can contribute more; they naturally want to unlock their power to move the business forward. 

When this ‘human’ power is released, anything is possible.

Let’s start unlocking your power.

But first, you must take a brave step forward.  Cosán Cróga is Irish, my heritage and means Brave Path, and I would love to support you on yours, let’s talk about what is possible.


07765 060298